Six Scents Passion


A constitutional boost of passion, this blend restores vigor and zeal for an increased feeling of purpose and pleasure. Ignite, awaken, inspire. Remember what excitement and devotion feel like.

This constitutional boost of passion is not just a short-term aphrodisiac, but a long-term vigor enricher. Lack of passion is a widespread issue that affects almost everyone at some point. The more zeal we have, the more alive we are. Whether its romantic passion or igniting our creative and life forces. As the backbone of purpose and pleasure, passion is key to our health and happiness. And just like fire, it feeds and builds upon itself. If you’re seeking more passion in your love life, light the spark and watch it grow and overflow. Challenge yourself to find the exhilaration in everyday tasks and soon the ecstasy will explode.

How To Use

Waft under nose for a mood boost or use with a diffuser.

Key Ingredients

Sum essential oilblends are a combination of essential oils chosen for their specific and unique abilities.

Full Ingredient List

Sum essential oil blend.