Sumbody's Ingredient Difference

At Sumbody, our commitment to pure, fresh, and effective ingredients sets us apart. We take pride in creating and manufacturing our own products in small batches, a distinction that grants us the freedom to select top-quality ingredients. We're not confined to using off-the-shelf formulations and bulk-purchased ingredients like most brands. Instead, we pick and choose from the best sources, ensuring each product reflects our dedication to quality and innovation. We don't compromise; we craft with care.

Sumbody's Uniqueness

In a world where many companies share the same co-packers, formulations, and ingredients, true product uniqueness can be elusive. Often, what separates them is merely packaging and marketing. However, at Sumbody, we prioritize what truly matters – what's inside the bottle.

Our commitment to exceptional skincare begins with selecting pure, fresh ingredients tailored to your skin's needs, not what's readily available in bulk. Our team handpicks each ingredient and prioritizes local and organic sourcing whenever possible. Even if it's not labeled as organic, rest assured, if it's available in an organic form, that's what's in our products. It's our unwavering dedication to quality that makes Sumbody truly unique.

Sumbody's Ingredient Expertise

We're not just about the highest quality ingredients; it's about using them effectively. We ensure ingredients are in forms and quantities your skin can benefit from. An active ingredient must be active.

Sumbody's Supplier Relationships

We take relationships seriously. We personally know our suppliers, from goat milk to honey and oils. They share our passion for quality, just like we do.

Sumbody's Evolution

Like nature, we adapt and grow. Your feedback drives progress. As we explore better ingredients, you get improved natural skincare. We'll keep listening and innovating.