What we use


Every Sumbody product was born out of a commitment to pure, quality, fresh and effective ingredients. We are one of the few handmade skincare brands that creates and manufactures our own products in small batches. This gives us the freedom to source our own top-quality ingredients. We can pick and choose what we want, how much we want and when we want it from the best sources.

Most brands do not enjoy the freedom to formulate that we do at Sumbody. Their products are outsourced to a co-packer who will only use the formulations and ingredients that they have on hand. Co-packers buy ingredients in bulk. What they have is what they use for everyone.


If all of these companies are using the same co-packers, similar formulations and the same ingredients, their products are NOT unique. They are just twists on each other packaged and marketed differently. What you are mostly paying for when you buy their products is that packaging and marketing! At Sumbody, you can clearly see that our dollars aren’t spent on packaging and marketing, but instead, what we value most is what is in the bottle.

At Sumbody, we buy the pure fresh ingredients we want based on what your skin needs, not what is stocked in bulk. CEO and Co-Founder Deborah Burnes personally chooses each ingredient and buys from local, organic sources whenever possible. Even if it’s not listed as organic on the label, if an organic ingredient is available, that’s what’s in there!


Not only are we using the highest quality, freshest and purest ingredients possible, we use them in the forms and amounts that are most beneficial. If they are in a form that the skin can’t use or metabolize, they won’t work. You need enough of an active ingredient for it to actually do its job – otherwise, it’s not really an “active” ingredient.


We’re not kidding when we say we know the goats that provide our milk, the beekeeper who harvests our honey, or the provider of the oils that we use in our products (including the exact sources and harvesting methods). Our suppliers are as passionate about what they do as we are about handmade skincare.


Just like nature, Sumbody continues to evolve. As you, our valued consumers, demand better products, our ingredient suppliers listen, making ingredients more available and accessible to us. As our options grow, we grow. You promise to keep asking, and we’ll promise to keep providing improved options in natural, effective handmade skincare.