It seems that behind every hot natural beauty brand is a strong woman. And a chemist. And an industry insider, a marketing guru, an influencer and of course, a mother. It takes a village, as they say. Unless you are the CEO and co-founder of Sumbody, in which case you’re all of these things in one complete package. Meet Debbi Burnes, the pioneering natural beauty expert who has been “at the forefront of the natural beauty product revolution” for at least two decades.


With over 30 years in the industry, Debbi is a true industry luminary, continually setting trends and pioneering revolutions. As an industry leader and advocate, she not only influences but also aids in the launch of new brands, solidifying her position as an inspirational and transformative force in the beauty world. Debbi doesn't follow trends; she initiates them.


As the author of the enlightening book "Look Great, Live Green", Debbi was an early advocate for toxin-free personal care, cautioning millions of readers about the hidden chemicals in beauty products.


Driven by her concerns about the rapid proliferation of chemical-laden products, and with a firm belief in nature as the ultimate innovator, Debbi harnessed her knowledge of chemistry, biology, and cosmetology. She coupled this expertise with extensive studies in medicinal herbs, nutrition, and environmental sustainability to create Sumbody, an inclusive line of skincare, body care, wellness products and cosmetics infused with pure, potent, and all-around wholesome natural and organic ingredients.


Debbi's enduring presence as a sought-after author in the natural beauty arena includes notable works like "The Beauty Geek's Guide to Skin Care" and "Natural Beauty Skin Care: 110 Organic Formulas for a Radiant You." Her passion for teaching, sharing, and empowering others to make informed choices and create effective products at home is exemplified through her unwavering commitment to public education.


As an invited keynote speaker at esteemed industry conventions such as the HBA and Society of Cosmetic Chemists, Debbi showcases her dedication to enlightening audiences and staying at the forefront of industry developments.


For a genuine understanding of Debbi's expertise, she invites you to experience Sumbody products. Her mantra is, "Anyone can say anything, but skin tells the truth." Let your skin reveal the story of Sumbody.


Sumbody's remarkable formulations have received widespread recognition on TV shows like The Tyra Banks Show, Access Hollywood, and NBC's Wine Country Living, as well as in renowned magazines such as InStyle, Lucky, Organic Style, W, Shop Etc., and O, The Oprah Magazine. Loved by celebrities and embraced by households, Sumbody's family-friendly products have gained a devoted following.