Head First Conditioner bar

Put the power to transform your tresses is in the Palm of your hand. Our solid hair conditioning bar restores hair to it perfect luster while visibly reducing frizz and split ends. This all-in-one conditioning bar works as a leave in, washout and hair mask. Made with hair loving ingredients such as hemp oil, cocoa butter, honey and coconut oil.

Say goodbye to packaging and hello to perfect hair days!


    Hair is dead, so keeping it healthy is crucial for maintaining beautiful-looking hair. Conditioners work by smoothing down the scales of the cuticles on the outer layers of your hair so it looks smooth and healthy. Having smooth strands also means fewer fly aways and split ends, and less static. During the cleansing process, shampoos open hair cuticles. Many conditioners contain “cones” (silicones) that make hair feel silky, by putting particles into open cuticles and actually causing further damage to hair. Our conditioners seal cuticles back up, locking nutrients in and shutting pollutants out. Replenish and nourish hair with antioxidants and richly moisturizing oils for truly healthy, beautiful locks.


  • Aloe - Moisturizing and nourishing as well as packed with vitamins  C, E, B-12, folic and acid that helps nourish and strengthen hair. It is also used for dandruff relief, and to promote healthier hair.
    Coconut oil - Promotes scalp health, moisturizes, adds luster, shine and softness to hair. It also prevents hair breakage and split ends and promotes shine, thicker, healthier and longer hair. It also has a natural SPF to protect hair from the harmful rays of the sun and boosts shine.
    Hemp - Helps hair have less water loss that keeps the scalp from dehydrating. While it deeply moisturizes and conditions it is absorbed quickly preventing stickiness and excesses oil. It enhances hair strength by activating the defense barrier with its rich in proteins, fatty acids, and GLA that not only strengthen they also visibly promote hair growth.


    Wash out- Apply it after washing by rubbing bar between your hands and using hands to apply in hair or use bar directly on your hair leave on 1-2 minutes wash out.

    Leave in- Apply after washing on wet hair by rubbing bar between your hands and using hands to apply in hair

    Hair mask- Apply before washing, leave on for up to 15 hours (you can sleep with it on by covering hair in a plastic bag), wash off in shower.


    - Healthier head of hair
    - Smooth, moisture-rich locks
    - Less frizz and static
    - Fewer fly aways and split ends


    Organic Cocos nucifera (coconut) butter, Vitellaria paradoxa (shea) butter, Cocos nucifera (coconut) oil, Cannabis Sativa (Hemp) seed oil, Mel (honey), Aloe vera (aloe) leaf juice, White wine vinegar, bees wax, kaolinite (kaolin clay).

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Deidre M.
United States United States
Greasy but a Skin Saver!

My first time trying out a conditioner bar. It smells delicious, so good you could eat it. After shampooing I moved on to the conditioning bar. It felt a little strange and I had a hard time smoothing it into my fine hair. After I finished my hair felt thick and full, but not in a Brazilian Blowout kind of way. More like it sealed each hair strand so well I couldn’t rinse it out. So I used the shampoo bar again in hopes to give it a good clean. My fine hair was still so “conditioned” that I could comb it into shapes. Flock of Seagulls eat your heart out. The next morning my sister stated “Oh you washed your hair again.” My reply “Um no.” I looked like I stepped out of a “Soul Glo” commercial. BUT we decided to try this on our dry and sunburned skin since the ingredients are so great. It worked wonders on our skin! So while I would not recommend this for fine hair, probably not horse hair either, I would defiantly recommend for dry skin and sunburns. So I gave this product 3 stars as a happy medium.

Jen T.
United States United States
Great leave-in

This is a great conditioner to close the cuticle and leave hair soft and shiny. My tailbone length hair likes it best as a leave-in applied to damp hair prior to detangling, cuz it also really helps with that. I concentrate on the ends first, but it does get run through all of it, even at my roots because it tames my coarse gray hairs, too!