Dew Me Passionately Makeup Setting Hydration Mist


Pure hydrosols, produced through steam distillation, are packed with potent plant power. This botanical mist keeps both you and your skin happy, healthy, and hydrated. Gentle and pure rose hydrosol combats the signs of aging, inflammation, and redness and its uplifting scent calms cranky moods wherever you are. Use this multitasking mist as a toner, hydrate skin, set makeup, boost your mood, or just to sweeten the air. 

Spritz dehydration away with this Dew Me Passionately spray made with 100% pure rose hydrosol. Many companies will sell “floral waters” made with distilled water scented with essential oils. This is very different from a true hydrosol which is produced through steam distillation of the plant itself. The wonderful rose scent of our Dew Me mist comes naturally, right from the plant, no fragrance or essential oils are added. Scented “floral waters” don’t have the benefits of a true hydrosol. Sumbody gives your skin the real thing for real results. 

How To Use

Mist after applying makeup to set, use after cleansing as a toner, or spritz anytime, anywhere for a hydration boost. 

Key Ingredients
  • Rose hydrosol:100% pure plant distillate, naturally scented by Mother Nature, that visibly improves tone and firmness and reduces the signs of aging, inflammation, and redness. 
Full Ingredient List

Rosa damascena (rose) hydrosol.