1oz Lavender Lotion


1oz of our Lavender Lotion in a jar! Perfect to keep at your desk or take it with you on the go!

Our nutrient-rich blend of oils and butters permeates skin’s layers, providing intense hydration while feeding skin vitamins and vital nutrients. This lightweight and easily absorbed lotion will lock in moisture, giving you smooth and silky skin while delivering nourishing hydration to strengthen and protect skin’s natural barrier. Combined with our luscious lavender scent this lotion will delight your senses and your skin!

Properly moisturized skin = happy skin! So many lotions and body butters contain more harmful ingredients than beneficial ones, leaving skin in even worse condition. This causes the hydration cycle – continually applying lotions, yet never feeling moisturized. Perpetually parched! When you eliminate moisture-robbing ingredients and include moisture-rich fatty acids and skin-loving vitamins to protect and promote proper cell function, you apply less AND skin feels the difference. Banish dry and welcome silky smooth, oh so soft, lavender-infused skin.