Tousled hair, rosy cheeks, and a telltale glow. Does this combination sound familiar? The topic of sex is slowly coming out from under the sheets, being talked about more openly and studied in more depth. More and more research is showing the amazing benefits of sex for overall well-being—from mood elevation to physical fitness to heart health. But that’s not all. Sex also works wonders for your skin! When it comes to skin, this may be your fountain of youth. Why? Let’s talk about the birds and the bees:


-Boosts collagen levels. This helps firm and plump skin, preventing signs of aging, such as discoloration, sagging, and wrinkles.

-It gets your heart beating. Besides giving you butterflies, increased blood circulation pumps oxygen to the skin, giving it a clearer, brighter appearance, hence that after-sex glow.

-Sex makes you sweat. Pounding heart = sweaty body. Sounds gross, but the good news is that sweat is an excellent detoxifier that draws dirt, oils, and other toxins out from deep down in your pores.

-Detox x2. Another way sex helps cleanse your skin is through the release of immunoglobulin, the antibody responsible for a strong immune system. Additionally, it can help fight inflammation and unclog pores.

-Anti-inflammatory action. During intercourse, your skin gets bathed in anti-inflammatory molecules from the oxytocin and beta-endorphins that are released. These help promote healing and mend damaged tissue. Fun fact: the hormone oxytocin is also released during childbirth and is also a natural painkiller.

-Promotes Z’s. Oxytocin is also sleep-inducing, which is why many feel totally zonked post-climax. A sound slumber gives your skin a chance to regenerate, reducing the appearance of fine lines. Plus, melatonin, the antioxidant that’s released while you sleep helps fight sun dam-age and saggy skin.

-De-stresses. Stress can cause a plethora of skin ailments, from breakouts to dryness to wrinkles. Thus, the mellowing effect of sex helps supports a more balanced complexion.

-No moisture? No problem. The hormone DHEA produced during an orgasm may increase skin’s sebum production, which helps moisturize skin and reduce hyper-pigmentation. Not to mention the increased flow of blood and oxygen helps prevent dryness, regardless of your age!

My love affair for keeping skin youthful and healthy, lead me to expose the benefits of sex and beautiful skin. My skin advice and expertise will keep your skin radiant. Now you know, how to get that enhanced skin-loving glow… Beauty without breaking the bank, talk about effective multi tasking. Your primal urges may not take heed to reason. Nevertheless, it’s comforting to know that sex isn’t just fun, but also health-enhancing…as if you needed another reason to love it!


December 01, 2019 — Deborah Burnes
Tags: Wellness