Men have been overlooked in the cosmetic industry, yet they are humans with skin problems like we all have. Over the past 10 years men’s grooming has taken a step forward and we have seen a trend in increasing sales and products target towards men, yet as an industry, we don’t talk as much about men’s skin health, so it is not clearly understood. Honoring men this month with Fathers Day, we thought it was due to complete the circle and honor all men with some skin intel.

Biologically speaking, men’s skin is different. While men have the same overall issues as women such as aging, dehydration, acne and redness, their skin has higher oil levels, more pores, facial hair, a higher collagen density and thicker skin. Knowing this and targeting the underlying skin issues associated with these conditions makes a big difference.

Men on average produce twice as much oil (sebum) as women. This, paired with larger pores makes them more prone to acne, and mid day oil shine. The good news is oily skin tends to age slower. Men’s skin is about 20% thicker than women's, making skin tighter, less prone to sagging and firmer. High oil levels and thick skin combined with increased collagen means that a man who takes good care of his skin can look 10 years younger than a women of the same age. Men also loose collagen density slowly over time, as opposed to the dramatic reduction of collagen in women after menopause who experience a pronounced increase in the aging process.

Men are the perfect candidate to switch to natural skincare as chemicals cause irritation and accelerated aging. Men already have the advantage of aging slower, but being proactive with skin health makes all the difference! Sun exposure, environmental damage and genetics play huge role in how our skin ages, so without proper care and protection men are wasting their inherent ability to age gracefully. It’s a simple process to protect your skin and keep it healthy.

I like to see men start at a young age when sports, stress and other factors can contribute to skin issues such as acne, but also to build a good healthy habits in the future. Women tend to start using products at a much younger age, so while they may not have the inherent advantage, they are more intentional about skin care and health.

Most skincare routines are much more complicated than they need to be, but I find with men keeping it simple is key for follow-through and success. To make it even simpler, there is no need to buy products specifically geared towards men. Active ingredients that reduce oil, treat acne, target aging and other skincare issues are the same no matter your gender. Knowing your differences and choosing the right products is the real trick.

A healthy skin care routine for men would start with shaving products that help the razor glide smoothly and avoid nicks, cuts and irritation. Men tend to have more sensitive skin over all, and with facial hair, consistent shaving can irritate this sensitivity. These products are common, most of men’s products traditionally seen on the market are geared towards facial hair and shaving, without any of the other skin benefits they need.

To up the shaving success I suggest a simple trick of applying a little bit of facial oil underneath shaving cream that helps your razor glide and avoid cuts or snags. Additionally I recommend using a shave bar such as our get close shave bar because you can control the level of foam. Sumbody shave bars have castor oil to precondition sensitive skin, clay to help the hair stand up for a closer shave and no chemicals, which impact men’s skin sensitivity and cause redness and irritation.

Men should cleanse with a potent charcoal cleanser to keep the oil build up at bay and if possible a goat milk cleanser in the morning to remove all the dead skin cells, making poor build up less likely.

It’s important for men to follow cleansing with a toner since their pores are larger and their skin creates more oil. This will help remove any last traces of dirt and oil in balance your skins pH. I find most men prefer toner pads over a spray-on toner such as our Wipe Clean Purifying Hydrosol toner pads.

After toning, an oil based moisturizer is best for men. This may sound counterintuitive with men’s over production of oil, but the right non-pore clogging facial oil will help skin regulate and balance its own natural oil production. Try Hydration Station, Golden Glow or Sensitive Balancing Moisturizer.

Once a week using a deep pore cleansing mask such as our deep sea mask will help keep oil build up and clogged pores from accumulating.

When experiencing acne or break out look for targeted products in the above categories to remedy such as our acne line.

Armed with the knowledge of your skin differences you can make the right purchases and get products to fit your skins needs. If only all our differences were that easy to understand and solve!

June 16, 2021 — Office -Sumbody
Tags: Skincare