In the past 4 weeks the CDC and FDA have issued several warnings about a number of different hand sanitizer brands. While these hand sanitizers may be inexpensive, they're costly in the long run to your health and safety.


CDC issues health advisory for 'toxic alcohol' hand sanitizers

Multiple brands of hand sanitizer recalled or should be avoided due to methanol risk, FDA says. See the list.

U.S. temporarily to allow certain impurities in hand sanitizer

There are 5 more hand sanitizers that the FDA warns can be toxic if absorbed by the body

The CDC is recommending 60% and the FDA 80% alcohol. At Sumbody we make it our business to keep you safe and protected. Our hand sanitizer is 80% organic ethanol.

Not all hand sanitizers are created equal. This is not the time for a "bargain". Our highly concentrated, all natural, organic, and 80% organic ethanol hand sanitizer meets the same scrutiny we apply to all our products. Pure, natural, safe and effective, you can count on Sumbody!
Sum Tips
  • When buying hand sanitizer, if Alcohol (ethanol) is not the first ingredient listed, it IS NOT POSSIBLE for the hand sanitizer to be over 60% alcohol.

  • Do not buy hand sanitizers containing Methanol as it has toxic and potentially fatal effects on humans.

  • Hand sanitizer should be at least 60 percent alcohol. To use it correctly, the CDC recommends rubbing the hand sanitizer between your hands for 30 seconds until all the gel is dry. Make sure the gel covers the surface of your hands and your fingers.
July 10, 2020 — lauren ruhl
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