Our skin can be quite different from thick, rough skin on our feet to the sensitive, thin skinned eye area, and yet hydration is key to perfection in all areas. While dehydration is the common enemy, each requires a different ally to make the most out of the hydration benefits. So what to do about it? Use a hydrator that works with your skins different qualities.

Combat Dryness

Dryness is a disaster! When your body is dehydrated, it will let you know with clear signs in your hair, feet, hands and eyes.

As a general guideline, avoid harsh chemicals and creams where oils and water are not the first ingredients.

Dry hair results in frizz, split ends and flyaways, making us feel unkempt and causing breakage. Hair benefits from healthy fats found in olive oil, coconut and shea butter. Coconut oil can be applied before washing, then washed off or as a leave in after washing. Shea butter and olive oil are often used as a hair mask before washing or as a leave-in conditioner, especially in dry and hot weather. If you struggle from dandruff or dry scalp problems, a scalp oil with anti-bacterial ingredients can provide some relief.

TIPS: Close the cuticles on your hair 1 a week with an apple cider vinegar rinse & switch to a shampoo bar (less chemicals and eco friendly). Cutting down how often you wash your hair, and brushing with a soft bristle brush can help distribute your scalp oils naturally throughout your hair to repair and moisturize.

Dry skin around the eyes causes premature aging, wrinkles and fine lines. Eyes are surrounded by thin, sensitive skin that loves antioxidant and vitamin rich ingredients such as rose hydrosol, pumpkin seed, black cumin and avocado oils, honey and goat milk.

TIPS: Relax with some used, cool green, black or white tea bags or cucumber slices over your eyes. Switch from eye cream to an eye balm that has a higher percentage of oil.

Hands and feet are our hardest workers! After being exposed to chemicals, dirt and dust, and going all summer in sandals, They often need the heaviest hydration. Dry hands and feet become itchy, cracked, inflamed and can build up callouses when left alone. Use butters and oils like shea, mango, coconut, olive, avocado and apricot. A cuticle oil or coconut oil can help with stubborn flakey skin around your nail beds when used regularly. Lip balm or Sumbody’s Eye’m In Love serum will also do the trick, many items are multi-purpose - use what you have on hand!

TIPS: Exfoliate with a butter/oil based salt scrub, soak in epsom salts and layer on the moisture. First an oil, then add a butter and cover with gloves/socks before bed to lock it all in.

August 31, 2022 — Office -Sumbody