Deborah Burnes, CEO and Co-Founder of Sumbody, started modeling for world-famous artist, Salvador Dali at a very young age. She moved from New York to Los Angeles to continue her career, and during her time in front of the camera, went to cosmetology school to understand what everyone was doing with her hair and makeup. In the process of her studies, fell head-over-heels in love…with skin!

When her children were born, Deborah learned the terrifying truth about the chemicals in most cosmetic products. She purchased “natural” bubble bath at a health food store, assuming it was pure until she read the label. She realized her kids were soaking in a product as filled with chemicals as what could be purchased at any drug store!

Already formulating and making products for her own clients, this gap she uncovered helped her see that sumbody needed to do sumthing. Deborah realized the need to bring a truly natural product line to the market that would be accessible to everyone. Hence, Sumbody was born.

In 1999, Deborah published her first book, Look Great, Live Green and she soon became a leading voice in the natural skincare product revolution. Her follow-up book, Natural Beauty Skin Care, empowers consumers to use fewer products and instead turn to their own cupboards for skin care. She teaches DIY classes on how to make your own natural skincare from fresh, effective ingredients and promotes healthy lifestyle changes like her 85/15% Rule. She also teaches master classes to members of the spa industry and classes all over on natural skin care.