Six Scents Joy


This long-term mood lifter reestablishes your vital connection with joy and bliss. It helps you regain your ability to take pleasure in everyday tasks, keeping you grounded. Expand, renew, radiate. Remember what happiness and contentment feel like.

This constitutional boost of joy is not a short-term high, but a long-term mood lifter. Anyone and everyone can sink into the doldrums. In today’s society that places so much value in productivity, with little room for fun, play, love, and family, it’s easy to lose our lightheartedness. Joy is imperative for a state of bliss and everything else falls into place when we reestablish this vital connection. Finding the ability to take pleasure in everyday tasks keeps us grounded, rekindling joy in our daily life.

How To Use

Waft under nose for a mood boost or use with a diffuser.

Key Ingredients

Sum essential oil blendsare a combination of essential oils chosen for their specific and unique abilities.

Full Ingredient List

Sum essential oil blends.