Six Scents Kit


We’ve formulated Six Scents to appeal to your sixth sense! Discover the power of Six Scents, crafted to ignite your inner journey. Our pure essential oil blends open the door to your intuition, guiding you toward your goals and inner connection. Each blend enhances your inner goals and desires, helping you stay true to your path and reconnect with yourself. Trust your intuition; select what you need when you need it. 

  • Energy: Invigorate and restore your vitality, leaving you recharged and balanced
  • Joy: Reconnect with the joy of everyday life, grounding you in happiness and contentment
  • Passion: Ignite your passion and zest, bringing purpose and excitement back to your life.
  • Receive: Open yourself to accepting and flowing with what others have to offer, embracing balance and harmony
  • Relax: Find a calm, pain-free, contemplative space, releasing tension and welcoming tranquility and wellbeing.
  • Surrender: Reconnect with your authentic self, allowing pure self-discovery and clarity to expand your horizons

Each blend is created to enhance, expand, awaken, and assist you in achieving your inner goals, desires, and wishes. We all need Sumbody to help, remind, and lift us when we veer off our true path and lose connection with ourselves.

  • Energy – This invigorating blend awakens your body’s vital elements to increase long-term energy and help restore your overworked mind and body. It boosts your vitality, allowing you to stop running on reserve. Refresh, rebalance, replenish. Remember what balance and abundance feel like. (0.13 fl oz/3.7 ml)
    Joy – This long-term mood lifter reestablishes your vital connection with joy and bliss. It helps you regain your ability to take pleasure in everyday tasks, keeping you grounded. Expand, renew, radiate. Remember what happiness and contentment feel like. (0.13 fl oz/3.7 ml)
    Passion – A constitutional boost of passion, this blend restores vigor and zeal for an increased feeling of purpose and pleasure. Ignite, awaken, inspire. Remember what excitement and devotion feel like. (0.13 fl oz/3.7 ml)
    Receive – This scent opens you to receiving and accepting what others have to give. Accept, flow, fulfill. Remember what balance and harmony feel like. (0.13 fl oz/3.7 ml)
    Relax – This blend guides you to a calm, quiet, pain-free, contemplative space. Unwind, release, alleviate. Remember what tranquility and wellbeing feel like. (0.13 fl oz/3.7 ml)
    Surrender – This scent reconnects you with your authentic self, releases you from your conscious mind and opens you up to honest and pure self-discovery. Give in, allow, succumb. Remember what clarity and expansion feel like. (0.13 fl oz/3.7 ml)

How To Use

Waft under nose for a mood boost or use with a diffuser.

Key Ingredients

Sum essential oil blends are a combination of essential oils chosen for their specific and unique abilities.

Full Ingredient List

Sum essential oil blends.