Keeping my skin healthy and glowing has been a battle. Fortunately I have ammunition to combat the current issues that have been plaguing my skin. As opposed to seeing this as negative, I am realizing my skin is changing and I need to embrace it and work with the changing (and challenging) needs. I am learning to make peace with the changes, not war.

Some of the current skin challenges are things we all have in common. 2020 has been a challenging year filled with stress, which is extremely damaging for skin. On top of that, more time spent indoors with air conditioning and heating further deteriorates skin, wearing a mask is creating an entire new skin aliment “maskne,” and finally if you live in one of the regions suffering from massive wildfires, the toxic smoke and ash are simply devastating for skin.

Challenging times make us “dig in”. We dig in to our emotional reserves in effort to find strength and endurance. Skin needs the same commitment right now. We literally need to dig in! All of the current factors create intense, compacted, clogged pores. It is so intense, it is like putting cement cocking in them. When your pores are clogged, your skin cannot breath or function properly. Not only does it accelerate aging process, deteriorate collagen, and cause breakouts, it also can leave your skin dry, itchy, red and irritated. This is a time to get serious with your detox routine. I suggest:

Use a very strong concentrated charcoal cleanser in the evening that is made from either Bamboo or coconut hull charcoal, and a rich luxurious hydrating goat milk cleanser in the morning. 

It’s a must right now! Not only to remove the last bits of dirt and oil that the cleanser may have left behind, but a good detoxifying toner will deposit active ingredients that break open and loosen buildup, making easy to remove as well as balancing your pH.

The right serum will definitely up your game when it comes to detoxifying pores and skin. Look for serums that contain natural plant enzymes to remove dead skin cells, jojoba oil to regulate your skins oil production, amino acids, vitamins and minerals to feed lost nutrients and restore luster and health.

Using an oil based moisturizer with oils rich in vitamins, nutrients and antioxidants such as avocado, carrot seed, Rose-hip oils, seaweed, Rosemary and St. John’s wort. These ingredients prevent damage, balance your skin’s oil production, intensely hydrate and visibly reduce redness. Using an oil as opposed to a cream moisturizer is important when detoxifying.

The right mask is a real workhorse in a good detoxifying system. You want to find an intense deep pore purging mask that will dig way down into your pores, break open and pull out all the old “gunk” so skin can breathe and function properly. Look for ingredients like bamboo and Coconut hull charcoal and deep sea mud/clay. Make sure you hydrolyze your mask on at home by applying in and using the gentle steam while bathing or showering.

Follow a detox protocol for a minimum of two weeks on and a maximum of four weeks off using your regular routine. This is what I call a “pulsing approach” for perfect skin. It allows you to continue your regular routine while maintaining and managing skins additional challenges. During difficult times of stress, exposure to smoke, smog or prolonged face mask wearing, add to your “regular” routine an intense pore purging deep cleaning mask a minimum of once a week, a charcoal cleanser once a day and a detox serum.

While my own skin struggles and those of my clients have been real, we have managed to keep the upper hand! But trust me when I tell you, it is not without additional effort. 

September 10, 2020 — Office -Sumbody
Tags: Skincare