Skin is powerful. Its appearance can have profound emotional effects. I’ve heard it all: from teens missing school due to acne to people embarrassed by facial scarring or redness to “I can’t go out without my ‘face’ on.” I understand the stresses and despairs skin issues can cause. But everyone deserves to love the skin they’re in.

Oftentimes the anxiety is bigger than the issue itself. For years I’ve been practicing skin therapy, helping people realize their true beauty and feel comfortable in their skin. When a client gets stuck or plateaus in their skin success, I turn to skin therapy. I’ve found that simply talking about the issues can help relieve some of them. As a licensed hypnotherapist, I also find this a valuable practice in dealing with skin issues. Emotional release and support, along with some self-care and love, can go a long way. Skin health is closely linked to our mental and emotional states. Skin speaks, sometimes louder than you’d like.

Here are some common skin issues and sumsolutions:

Tiny, small, medium bumps on face


These bumps can look almost like whiteheads, but are most likely milia. Milia are caused by dead skin cells that aren’t exfoliated and get trapped beneath your skin’s surface. These cells end up forming tiny cysts. It’s ill-advised to squeeze them, and they often don’t go away. Preventing new milia is the key.

  • Lack of exfoliation
  • Using heavy and/or silicone-filled foundations, creams, and cleansers
  • Sun damage
  • Not cleansing properly

Products to Use
DIY Options
  • Mix sea salt with honey and use as an exfoliant.
  • Talk to a dermatologist.
  • Get regular facials  (don’t let a facialist lance your milia).
  • Exfoliate 3-4 times a week.
  • Change out your skin care products.
  • Avoid sun exposure.

Tiny, small, medium bumps on arms, thighs, face, and back


These bumps may be keratosis pilaris, which can look like goose bumps that don’t go away. Some people call it “chicken skin.”


Keratosis pilaris is caused when keratin (that’s naturally present in follicles) builds up and plugs them. Common causes include:

  • Dry skin
  • Genetics
  • Wearing clothing that doesn’t breathe
  • Wearing tight clothing that rubs
  • Over-exfoliation
  • Chemicals in skin care products
Products to Use
DIY Options
  • Wash your face with pure soy milk. It will “digest” your dead skin cells, without stripping your skin.
  • Make an avocado, honey, and soy milk face mask.
  • Moisturize in the shower for better penetration. Or add a tablespoon of olive oil to your bath.
December 03, 2019 — Deborah Burnes
Tags: Lifestyle