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As a friend of sumbody, you know the pleasure of using spa-quality, all natural products at home every day. At the sumtime spa, you can escape the fast-paced, hectic lives we lead and take sum time for yourself to relax, regenerate, and release. We invite you to spend sum time with us where you will experience superior treatments that target and soothe muscle tension, pain, stress, anxiety, and more, while integrating our natural, handmade sumbody products we’ve all come to love. We are here to help put you back into balance by naturally restoring and enhancing the quality of your life and health.

To book an appointment call:

Sebastopol - 707.823.2053 or stop by 118 N. Main Street, Sebastopol, CA
Alameda - 510-523-2639 or stop by 1350 Park St, Alameda, CA

Walk-in appointments are sumtimes available.

We accept cash, Visa, Mastercard, and SpaFinder gift certificates. The perfect gift! sumtime gift certificates are also available. Prices reflected as of July 2021 and are subject to change. Please call to confirm pricing.

body treatments 

May/June Ultimate Special - Ultimate Treat for Everyone
May and June bring Mother’s/Father’s day, teacher gifts, brides, staycations and so many other special occasions that we are celebrating you and all your loved ones with the Ultimate Treat for Everyone.

Book early to make sure we have space.

This decadent package was designed to release stress, relax muscles, unwind your mind, refresh and renew your skin. We also send you home with gifts to keep the relaxation going. This blissful reprieve from the stresses of daily life package includes:

Massage Package
• 65-minute treatment
• 2 Zappers of your choice
• Aromatherapy of your choice
• Hot Stones
• Scalp Massage
• Butter Bar Hand or Foot Massage
• Muscle Balm
• Aloe Infused Body Treatment
• Charge up massage oil with mushrooms and seaweed for youth inducing glow
• Take home gift to continue the bliss at home

Insider's Special Pricing $125 | Regularly $200

• 65-minute treatment
• 2 Zappers of your choice
• Aromatherapy of your choice
• Facial Waxing of your choice
• Scalp Massage
• Butter Bar Hand or Foot Massage
• Muscle Balm
• Aloe Infused Body Treatment
• Take home gift to continue the bliss at home

We start this all-inclusive decedent package with setting the intention for your time with us with the Six Scent Aromatherapy and Zappers of your choice.

Next we paint a warmed aloe herbal and botanical infused tincture to each area before we massage. We then melt the tincture into your skin for the utmost benefit with warmed mushroom and seaweed charged massage oil. This sublime skin treat is meant to stay on, just like your facial skin care and should be washed off.

Hot stones are applied to release the tightest muscle tension where needed.
Next comes a hydrating treat for your hands and feet. We gently wash your hands and feet with steam towels infused with hydration herbs and botanicals and massage our decadent butter bar for the ultimate hydration.

Making this the ultimate treat, we made sure to pamper your scalp. Releasing tension from both your feet and head is the most profound way to get the most benefit. It can be surprising how much we hold on to there and when they are released it released tension from your entire being.

Insider's Special Pricing $125 | $265 value

swedish or deep tissue massage 

A great massage becomes incredible with the sumbody signature! Choose between swedish or deep tissue treatment and prepare to drop into relaxation. Massages include a custom 'Dew Me' spritzer, your choice of aromatherapy to enhance your mood, a peppermint foot wash and our handmade, all-natural massage oils. You'll soon consider this treatment weekly therapy! 

Deep tissue is a highly therapeutic technique that uses firm finger pressure and slow massage strokes to focus on relieving chronic patterns of tension that create painful conditions and structural misalignment. We do recommend 75 or 90 minutes to get the most beneficial results from deep tissue work. 

$89/60 min
$111/75 min
$133/90 min
$185/120 mi

hot stone massage
Our hot stone massage includes everything in our regular massage PLUS the addition of hot stone therapy. Hot stone massage is used to reduce stress and anxiety, promote relaxation, and muscle tension. The stones open and melt muscles and providing deep muscle relief. Loosen your tight sore muscles and unwind your mind with natures perfect massage ally.

$109/60 min
$135/75 min
$163/90 min
$217/120 min

himalayan salt stone massage
Himalayan Sea Salt contains 84 minerals! It has been historically used to support the respiratory system, increase circulation, help prevent muscle cramps, and relieve stress, anxiety and insomnia. Our salt stones come from the remnants of the ancient sea beneath the Himalayan Mountains. The pink salt crystals are hand carved into stones and used in massage to restore a sense of well being, balance and calm. The minerals penetrate your muscles and joints for deep healing and the salt exfoliates your skin for a renewed glow.

$119/60 min
$146/75 min
$173/90 min
$195/120 min

lymphatic massage
The lymphatic system helps clear our bodies of toxins, and when the system is blocked it can cause inflammation, swelling, poor circulation and fluid retention, among other issues. Our lymphatic massage utilizes gentle, targeted therapy to promote lymph circulation, increase blood flow, reduce inflammation, puffiness and swelling, and encourage the release of built up toxins. Recommended for anyone with lingering inflammation or fluid retention, though people with congestive heart failure, blood clots, massage.

$99/60 min
$121/75 min
$143/90 min
$195/120 min

mommy-to-be massage
This treatment connects mother to child and mother to bliss. We provide skilled pregnancy massage in a nurturing and relaxing atmosphere using our handmade, unscented petroleum-free massage oil that is safe for baby and mother-to-be. (Massage not available during the 1st trimester.)

$90/60 min
$110/75 min
$125/90 min

hand&foot heaven
Your hands and feet will adore you. This package rewards your hard-working hands and feet with a superfine exfoliating salt scrub, a smoothing mask, warm herbal towel wrap and a moisturizing massage with 100% pure shea butter.

$65/55 min

chair massage
No time? No problem! Get a quick boost of energy and melt away the stress of the day in a few relaxing minutes. This massage is targeted to ease accumulated tension in the neck and shoulder areas.

$1.50 /min in spa 

body treatment add-ons

back pampering $65/45 min
Our deep cleansing back pampering works hard to exfoliate old skins cells and reaches deep to unclog pores. This treatment includes a misting with our ‘Dew Me’ botanical spray, coal train cleanser, loofah exfoliation, a Deep Sea Mud Mask, Cucumber Toner, and anti-bacterial Jojoba Oil to get your back on track.

muscle balm $15
We massage aching muscles with our signature Hand Held Heat Muscle Balm, a warming/cooling, pain-relieving salve that helps alleviate muscle tension, pain and soreness.

sole reviving foot soak $15
Relax feet first with our aromatherapy and botanical infused foot soak. Our feet do so much for us, they literally carry our weight. When you care for your feet, it relaxes your entire being, enabling your muscles to unwind before your treatment begins. It also leaves your feet polished, pampered, soothed, and reduces the appearance of cracked feet and yellow nails.

scalp massage $25/15 min
Ahhh! Designed to stimulate circulation, this 15-minute massage is extremely gentle and calming, relaxing you from the top down and releasing excess tension.

pre-treatment bliss $10
Enjoy heated neck and shoulder aromatherapy ‘beanie’ while you relax before your treatment. Please come 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment time to fully enjoy.

back scrub $25/15 min
Indulge in a moisturizing and exfoliating back treatment with our signature body scrub, made with Pacific Sea salt, shea butter and cocoa butter.

hand or foot treatment $20
each Indulge with this treatment that rehydrates and moisturizes with an herbal steam, hot towels and a massage with 100% pure shea butter. Choose hands or feet or do both!

zapper therapy $10
Zap away whatever ails you. Massaged into your temples, chest and neck, one of our essential oil infused Zappers will provide instant relief. Choose from the following zappers: headache, fatigue, sinus, stress, allergy, nausea, pms, menopause, depression, anxiety, insomnia, distraction.

body wraps

Our body wraps begin with a stimulating dry buffing to remove dead skin cells, firm skin, and stimulate circulation, warming the body and promoting the release of toxins. This is followed by layer of warm lotion or butter and a wrap in warm blankets while you enjoy a relaxing face, scalp, shoulder, and foot massage. A warm ‘rinse’ is then applied to your body, completing this luxurious treatment.
$90 / 60 minutes per wrap

milkyrich goat milk wrap
This decadent treatment hydrates with our nourishing, ultra-moisturizing and resurfacing goat milk lotion enhanced by fresh cream, rosemary, rosehips, wolfberries and acai. Followed with a ‘rinse’ using our Wholesum bath milk, this luxurious wrap will restore, combat skin dehydration, and prevent signs of aging. 

from our earth - sonoma county’s finest
Begins with a dry buff of sea salt and mud from our local coast to cleanse and exfoliate your pores. Next up is a local seaweed, mustard, apple, and chicory gel wrap, ‘rinsed’ off with our anti-aging blend infused with red, black, white & green teas. Finish your treatment with coffee butter blended with local fresh coffee and cream to leave you feeling soft, smooth, and toned all over!


Sumbody’s signature skin care products are 100% natural, powerful and potent. Handmade in small batches and formulated for results, they are at the peak of freshness and efficacy.

Each facial starts with a 10-minute consultation and skin analysis and includes a cleanser, exfoliating salt face scrub, serum, moisturizer, and mask. Your esthetician will select the appropriate products for you after your consultation. You will also enjoy a brief relaxing hand, neck and shoulder massage. After the facial your skincare specialist can help create a custom skincare plan to keep your glow going strong.

$89/60-minute full treatment 

nourish and protect - early prevention
Who needs it? All skin types/age 20+ Free radical damage is one of the first things to breakdown collagen and visibly age your skin. Our Nourish and Protect line is formulated with powerful antioxidants to counteract damage, prevent signs of aging and provide skin nourishment.

detoxify - deep cleaning
Who needs it? All skin types/all ages Skin simply cannot function when pores are clogged. Dirt and oil from the air mix with our skin’s natural oils and create a pore-clogging plug and accelerate aging. No matter what skin type you have, detoxifying is necessary to allow your other products to work their magic. Our Detox line is an extremely potent deep pore cleanser that breaks up the unwanted gunk, letting your skin breathe and function properly.

clear up - breakouts
Who needs it? Oily/Acne Prone/all ages Breakouts and scarring can be a real bummer, let us help you get your skin back to its original beautiful state! Our Clear Up line is formulated to combat current breakouts, prevent new ones, and visibly reduce inflammation, redness and scarring. This treatment is your gateway to clean and clear skin.

rehydrating - goat milk
Who needs it? Dry skin/all ages Formulated with essential fatty acid rich goat milk, our Hydrating line delivers moisture and a host of nutrients to the deepest layers of skin. Dehydrated skin restricts the flow of nutrients and vitamins your skin needs, thereby accelerating aging. By hydrating from the inside out, we tackle parched skin at its source.

fountain of youth age-defy
Who needs it? All skin types/age 35+ Turn back the clock with this tried and true facial. Our Fountain of Youth line is packed with ingredients that marry science and nature to visibly prevent and reverse signs of aging. Potent age-defying ingredients work to visibly decrease the inflammation around fine lines and wrinkles, visibly reducing their appearance and restoring skins’ luster and glow.

30-minute quickie $49/25 min
Who needs it? All skin types/all ages Fast and effective. Make a lunch date or stop off on the way home from work to be with sumbody. We’ll pick out the products you need the most for this completely customized 25-minute facial. Does your skin need a deep cleaning or some antioxidants? No problem, we’ve got it - and fast! **Quickie facial does not include massage.

facial add-ons

pore workout $20
Heat & ice give your pores a workout, helping to expel any unwanted gunk, leaving your pores clean and new.

polishing grains added to cleanser $10
your esthetician will choose from Hemp, Quinoa, or Goat Milk to exfoliate, smooth and hydrate your skin.

you’re so beautiful blemish spray $10
Penetrates deeply to banish blemishes before they begin, or boot the ones you already have.

high frequency $20
Target wrinkles with red light or blemishes with blue light, eliminating bacteria and microscopic dirt. High frequencies stimulate the skin, allowing our customized products to feed cells. Circulation and metabolism are invigorated.

ultrasound $20
Ultrasound vibrations penetrate the surface of your skin, cleaning deeper and preparing your skin to fully absorb our customized products. The technology gets in touch with young skin cells, nourishing them as they move toward the surface.


Note: prices subject to increase due to client conditions

Lip  $15
Brow Touchup $20
Chin $15
Any Two (includes two parts of the face)
Full Face (includes lip, brow, touchup & chin) $40
Brow Shaping $30 & up
Lower Leg $45
Upper Leg $45
Upper Leg w/ Bikini $65
Full Leg $70
Full Leg w/ Bikini $85
The area that extends 2-3 fingers width from the crease of your upper leg, down your leg.
$30 & up

Beyond Bikini
Area that extends from the crease of your leg 2-3 fingers down and 1-2 fingers above.
$50 & up

Includes the hair above leg crease & 2-3 fingers below. Does not include Buttocks.

Buttocks $25 & up
Full Back $50 & up
Stomach $20 & up
Underarm $25
Upper Arm $20
Lower Arm $30
Full Arm $40
Includes knuckles on either hands or feet

Please note that hair needs to be approximately 1/4 inch to be able to wax. If the hair is too short, the service cannot be performed. You will still be charged for the time. If the hair is too long and needs to be trimmed, time allowing, the prices are as follows:

Bikini area $10 Brazilian $15 Back $10 & up

pampering packages

total bliss $135 / 90 min
Hey busy bee! Stressed out with no time for self-care? Your time is sacred – we can help you relax into total bliss. Unwind with a cup of relaxing tea and warm neck beanie to melt your cares away. Next enjoy an hour massage enhanced with your choice of aromatherapy, a calming scalp massage and our Stress Zapper taking you further into total bliss. 

couples getaway $265 / 90 min
Enjoy a romantic getaway for two as you relax in our cozy spa. Experience simultaneous pampering in your own side-by-side cabanas, perfect as a surprise or special date! This getaway includes a 60-minute massage, our purifying back pampering treatment, and is enhanced with our sumpassion aromatherapy, an essential oil blend of Cinnamon, Cardamon, Damiana, Valerian, and Kava Kava.

sumbody signature stress relief $160/75 min $192/90 min
Can’t shake the stress tension? De-stress into a full 75 or 90 minute massage with extra emphasis on deep tissue neck and shoulder tension relief. Melt away your troubles with the addition of muscle balm, stress zapper aromatherapy, hot stones and a scalp massage to wrap everything up. Facial massage for TMJ relief on request.

party with sumbody
Retreat to the sumtime spa with your friends and family for a personal pampering experience. Take sum time in our relaxing cabanas with one massage therapist or esthetician and one beauty attendant dedicated to you and your party.

Make it truly yours and choose from our Body Scrub Bar, Martini Salt Bar, & Fresh Face Masks to create a unique experience. Food, drinks, activities and additional therapists may be added for an additional cost.

sumcreative ideas: teenqueen party, bachelorette bonanza, sumbaby shower, company retreats.

$165 per hour/ 2 hour minimum price includes up to 6 guests - ask about pricing for additional guests. Please call for booking information.

preparing for sumtime

Sumtime spa is unique. We don’t believe in the typical 50 minute “spa hour”; we offer a full hands-on 60-minute massage. Please arrive 15 minutes before your treatment to ensure this. Arriving late for an appointment means getting an abbreviated treatment. All of our treatments include a customized mood enhancing aromatherapy blend to create a unique experience.

cancellation policy
Please be aware that we require 24 hours’ notice to cancel an appointment. If an appointment is missed or cancelled with less than 24 hours’ notice, your credit card will be charged for the full price of your treatment.

We keep our prices low and quality high, so If you enjoyed your treatment, please pay it forward in your tip to your therapist.