Facial in a Box

No spa? No problem.
Give yourself a spa-quality facial with our custom facial kit without the spa price tag!

Whatever your skin needs right now, we’ve got a kit for you.
Choose 1 or get all 4!

Note: Image does not represent products in each spa kit.

  • Nutrient dense- Feed your skin! The products in this facial kit work to to nourish skin from the outside and are filled with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and dense nutrients to keep skin healthy. These power-packed advanced ingredients restore luster and vitality, while giving your skin what it needs to protect against stress, dehydration, aging, and environmental pollutants. Being at home with heat and air conditioning on all the time can actually be detrimental to skin, dehydrating and robbing it up nutrients. Supercharge skin and give it sum of what it needs!
    Kit includes:
    • 10 ml C Me Glow Cleanser
    • 1 oz Facial Soap
    • Mini Honey Skin Shower Mask
    • 2 Mini Face masks
    • 10 ml Neroli toner
    • 4 ml C-Serum
    • 4 ml Just Stop It Moisturizer
    • Cotton rounds

  • Breakout/Detoxifying- Unblock clogged pores! stress, life changes, and diet alterations can lead to clogged pores and breakouts. The products in this kit dive deep into pores to pull out congestion, allowing your skin to breathe and functioning properly. They also combat any current breakouts, bringing your skin back to balance. Maintaining clean pores is a gateway to healthy skin.
    Kit Includes:
    • 10 ml Pore Purger Detox Cleanser
    • 1 oz Charcoal Facial Soap
    • Mini Save Me Honey Shower Mask
    • Mini Deep Sea Face Mask or Mini Bee Euphoria Face Mask
    • 4 ml Closeout Pore-Perfecting Toner
    • 4 ml Rebel Scar Serum
    • 4 ml Sensitive Moisturizer

    • Rehydrating- Quench parched skin! Not only can dehydration cause skin to age faster, it’s also uncomfortable, causing redness, irritation, itching, tightness, and congested pores. The products in this facial kit will replenish both fluids and fats (essential fatty acids) for a complete hydration boost, leaving your skin plump, dewy, supple, soft, and glowing.
      Kit Includes:
      • 10 ml Milky Rich Goat Milk Cleanser
      • 1 oz Milky Rich Facial Soap
      • Mini Rice and Shine Shower Mask
      • Mini Get Extreme Face Mask or Mini Creme de la Creme Face Mask
      • 10 ml Cool As A Cucumber Toner
      • 4 ml Full Infusion Serum
      • 4 ml Throwback Moisturizer

    • Age defying- Undo the effects of time! Stress and lifestyle changes can also accelerate skin aging. The products in this facial kit combine highly advanced, supercharged, clinically researched ingredients to repair, reduce, and prevent. Together, they visibly stop signs of aging, such as wrinkles, fine lines, and sagging.
      Kit Includes:
      • Mini Go Jojo Cleanser
      • 1 oz Milky Rich Facial Soap
      • Mini Manna Shower Mask
      • Mini Get Cultured Face Mask or Mini Age Defy Get Extreme Face Mask
      • 10 ml Rose Toner
      • Mini Timeless Serum
      • Mini Golden Glow Moisturizer
      • 4 Cotton Rounds
    Custom Kit