Great Detox Ingredients and Results

December 03, 2019

Great Detox Ingredients and Results

In our previous posts about detox, we introduced the concept, shared some sure-fire signs that you need to detox, and offered sum solutions to common skincare and health problems that might require detox.

Today, we’re pointing out the ingredients to look for when detoxing skin care:

The best part of detoxing is seeing the results on your skin, which can include:

  • Clean and clear pores
  • Glowing with an even tone
  • Soft and supple feel
  • Ability to breathe easily and fully absorb products
  • Even oil production and proper skin functioning
  • Healthy and vibrant, able to booth expel and receive
  • More energy
  • Fewer headaches

Talk with your doctor before doing an internal detox. Fasting, juicing, and starving are not recommended as part of a healthy cleansing. Make sure your overall plan includes healthy foods, plenty of rest, exercise, and downtime. A healthier you is a happier you. A happier you is a skin-glowing you!